I received a Bodytalk session from Jackie with Brilliant Health that was at just the right time in my life to receive its power. When I laid down, I immediately knew that I was in very capable and loving hands that I trusted deeply. She made me feel instantly relaxed and like I didn’t have to “do” anything to receive the benefits of the session, which was a big weight off my shoulders (since I am the type of person who thinks I do everything wrong). She began calibrating my body by moving only my arm and intermittently writing down. I didn’t know what was going on but what I felt was my hand becoming that of my younger child self and I shifted into a different and more profound energetic space. I felt like the inner child in me was letting go of residual past traumas that Jackie was facilitating. When she was almost done, she relayed information to me which totally struck a chord with where I was in that moment, and we did a series of small physical movements to help heal what was going on. She made me feel so comfortable and loved throughout the whole session and I left feeling profoundly happier, calmer, and lighter. I cannot recommend Jackie enough. She is truly a natural healer; I can’t express how wonderful she is.

-Alexandra, Portland

I had one BodyTalk session with Jacqueline, and even after just one treatment it shifted my perspective and healing process in unexpected ways. The sessions are very relaxing and informative. Jacqueline is a great practitioner and facilitator of the healing process and listens to the body; flowing through her sessions intuitively and compassionately. Its a wonderful way to tap into the subconscious and get to the source of your own healing journey!

-H.P, Portland

“I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Jackie for almost three years now, and she has been such a remarkable guide, intuitive, and friend. I am so incredibly grateful for her unending love and compassion, and I truly believe she has helped me in every facet of life. I am filled with so much gratitude for Jackie -her ability to hold space, as well as initiate subtle changes to the energy body, is truly incredible. She is definitely on her path to help everyone realize their inner light and their brilliant health! Thank you!”

-Brianna, Portland

“Jackie is a very talented intuitive and healer. She creates a beautiful sacred space for her sessions that allow for the healing and the guidance to easily flow. We recently did a Grief/Career session. The wisdom she gave me was so empowering for me. She really helped me through a time where I felt so stuck and unclear that I didn’t know which direction to go forward. I am so grateful for our session and getting to know such a beautiful spirit.”

– Haley, Atlanta

“My experience with Jackie has been truly insightful. Her interpretation of my chakras could not have been more accurate and helpful. She is gifted and caring, and I look forward to working more with her in the future.”

– Jaime, Klamath Falls

‘ Jackie is a truly gifted individual that is in tune with people and things that are beyond human comprehension.¬† Jackie is without a doubt a healer and a person who can see beyond what is physical. The conversation we had was beneficial for me and made me realize that I should never doubt my intuition or any other person that has a light that guides them. Jackie has a light that shines so bright, and I would definitely urge anyone who needs guidance or answers to certain things to speak with her. We have been drawn into eachother’s lives again and again, and its not a coincidence. What a beautiful woman inside and out. I cannot express enough how grateful I am to have Jackie in my life and help guide me and help me find what my life path is. It is hard to find a gifted individual that can understand and shed light on things and put them into perspective, but she did this for me without a doubt.”

-Jessyca, Klamath Falls