~”Your greatest gift to the world, is offering someone what YOU wish YOU had been offered, in your greatest moment of need.”~ Sue Frederick.

Hello my name is Jackie Landrum, and I am a multifaceted health care practitioner, and a soon-to-be licensed Acupuncturist and Oriental Medicine practitioner.

I grew up in Southern Oregon, riding horses competitively for 20 years, and I was often in a barn, covered blissfully, head to toe in dirt, much more often than I was with other people. Spending a lot of time in nature, and working hard in the stables, set me up for heightened intuition, a strong work ethic, and an individualism that gave me the inner strength and fortitude to have reached the path I am now.  I have worked my way through several health challenges, and ten years after being introduced to Oriental Medicine, I am finally a practitioner myself.

With a mother who is an RN, I grew up in a healing household, where the concern was put on wellbeing and health, more than anything else. From infancy until my early 30’s, I struggled with health problems that took me deeper into my quest for a better way to treat them. By age 28, I had only experienced allopathic medicine, and I was on 6 daily medications and inhalers, and felt much older than my years. I was not doing well, and my asthma and allergies seemed to be getting worse, along with racing heartbeats, abnormal liver enzymes, high blood pressure, decreased energy, and dampened hope. I was not in good health, and I knew this was no way to live. I didn’t know where to turn, until in 2008, a horse trainer boyfriend recommended I see his Acupuncturist equestrian friend. (Did the healing energy of horses bring me here? I like to think so 🙂 ). I began regular bi-weekly treatments, and by the end of the year, I was off of all my daily medications except for one. 

The stress, fear and confusion I encountered on my path serves as a heart-centered reason for why I study this medicine and want to help others. I feel that when Eastern and Western medicine are combined, they can create a more whole medicine, that creates healthier bodies, versus just one medicine alone. I care about people deeply, and want to help others with their health in a way that is  personal, empowering,  caring, more gentle, and more-heart centered than I experienced in my early life. One of my goals is to help people through things without the fear. 

I graduated from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, in August 2018. During my time there, I spent a year studying with an RN/Energy Healer, Marie Manuchehri, on the relationship between emotions and disease. I studied Quantum Shiatsu, and Zen Shiatsu with Beth Hazzard and Susan Hare. My longest standing studies have been under Dr. Marilyn Walkey, visiting her weekly, for three years, to learn about the BodyTalk system, and other cutting-edge knowledge she has in treating her patients using a mix of science with her Medical background, Functional medicine, and BodyTalk. Dr. Walkey has greatly shaped who I am as a practitioner, and continues to support me as a close friend.

My goal is to help as many as possible to feel empowered and calm about their health and how their body works. My goal is to help people have a harmonious and loving relationship with their body, mind, spirit, and to live their best, most vibrant and BRILLIANT health.

With love,